Learning Unreal Engine

I’ve been trying to learn Unreal Engine since a long time. First I didn’t have a proper computer but now I have a decent one (since 2020).

So I’ve been trying to use it since then and honestly what’s been stopping me is: I’ve been using Unity since 2014. I know a lot of stuff. I find my way around anything using it and know where to go to make anything. Unity’s way of making games just makes sense to me at this point.

But Unity’s way isn’t the only way. I’ve made some small projects and custom engines using C++/SDL/OpenGL/etc. I have a lot of unfinished projects using these other methods but I have one published game using it.

I bought a very nice course on Udemy for learning C++ with Unreal (since I’m primarily a programmer I prefer it) but I will have to give in and learn some blueprints….

I’m trying to be open-minded and learn something else other than what I already know. So I will try to write here more about my Unreal Engine learning path .

The course is from by GameDev.tv Team, Sam Pattuzi and Stephen Ulibarri.

It was only for UE4 until sometime ago and now they updated it for UE5!

I’m doing the archived course first so I can learn the basics but I will be moving forward to UE5 as soons as I finish some modules there.

So far I have a simple project for a Tanks game and I’ve been testing making it with Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2022.

I don’t enjoy having to build the project in VSCode and then hitting Compile in the UE4 editor after (and sometimes having to restart the editor).

But I gave VS 2022 a try today and it feels faster because I can hit F5 and the whole editor opens up with my code already compiled. Of course I can have the editor + VS 2022 opened and build from there but I will have to Compile again in the editor. So for now I will keep doing like this. If I have to give in and do some blueprint anyway then maybe when I have more knowledge on it I can have complex behaviours/components/logic in C++ and basic interaction on blueprints. Not sure, will find out! But I need to code I can’t let it go!

Me when I’m coding