Recreating ROCK SLING from Elden Ring

It’s been a while since I wanted to play with the idea of trying to make some of the spells/attacks from Elden Ring on Unity. Just for fun really.

Then I chose one of my preferred spells: Rock Sling

I used Starter Assets – Third Person Character Controller and couple of my own scripts for Health/Damage.

I started spawning 3 cubes at 3 spawn points in front/at the direction of the player when clicking the mouse.

Then I added the elevation movement to each cube after they are spawned just like in the original spell, like they came from the ground.

Then after I added random rotations to them so they don’t look too linear. They are also going up at different speeds (random values that are chosen when they are spawned) so it gives a more organic flow when coming from the ground.

Then after a random interval (with little difference) for each rock they are sent forward to the same target point. The interval is also random as well as the speed that is applied on them when they go forward.

At last, I added a free staff and dummy I found on the Asset Store.

The hand is animated using the Animation Rigging package and applied on an extra animator layer.

And that’s about it! It was a very fun attempt. Maybe I will do more of these in the near future.